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Vilua, Inc. Brings Revolutionary Care Center to Austin, Texas

The latest technology in advanced, consumer-grade health maintenance is coming to Austin, Texas in October 2020. In an announcement made in early June 2020, Vilua shared that it is further expanding its presence in the United States to increase the global impact the company’s revolutionary technology has on individuals around the world.

Vilua, Inc. Brings Revolutionary Care Center to Austin, Texas

Vilua, Inc.’s first US-based location will be in Austin, Texas, and will be opening to the public in October 2020.

Vilua is a health data company helping people to predict and avoid health issues long before symptoms present. While Vilua allows individuals to sign up for services independently, the company partners with employers to make employee health benefits more effective to positively impact as many Americans as possible.

If you’re in the Austin area, here’s what you can look forward to from Vilua this fall.

Beyond Healthcare

Rick McCartney, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, states, “Vilua+ CareCenters go beyond healthcare. They empower individuals to take ownership of their health and have more influence over their success than ever before.”

Vilua, Inc. Brings Revolutionary Care Center to Austin, Texas

Using artificial intelligence (AI), Vilua is able to map an employee population against the general public. Predictive modeling then allows Vilua’s AI to forecast that population’s health 5 to 10 years into the future to identify the most pressing issues that particular group will be facing. Then, proactive health interventions can be administered in the present to more effectively protect and optimize health.

Not only does Vilua’s AI and predictive modeling allow for more insightful decision-making around individual healthcare, but also the Vilua+ CareCenters are highly accessible and systematized for maximum efficiency.

Allowing users to quickly assess heart health, bone density, lung function, hearing, vision, and body composition enables health maintenance at scale while simultaneously engaging the individual and the enterprise to solve the issues plaguing Americans as they age.

Take Control of Your Health

President of Vilua, Inc., Dr. Jens Haertel states, “We believe the US market is a prime place to accelerate growth and have a lasting impact, particularly with the growing level of engagement and individual ownership of health.”

Vilua, Inc. Brings Revolutionary Care Center to Austin, Texas
President of Vilua, Inc., Dr. Jens Haertel

Moreover, unlike traditional healthcare in which patient health information is owned and retained by providers and insurance companies, Vilua members’ data is thoroughly anonymized and respected as their own property.

Traditional health screenings are based on a range of “acceptable” results. Vilua+ CareCenters promise to deliver a more thorough understanding of an individual’s comprehensive health profile through actionable insights long before an individual’s health markers fall out of that range.

A preliminary study by Mayo showed that “Participants liked the instant test result feature. Most (90%) agreed that the machine was useful for a quick health assessment for busy people, and 70% felt that it was time efficient.”

These results are in line with other studies that show an overall American preference for the ease, speed, and convenience of self-service operation, similar to self-checkout at grocery stores and dining halls.

Claim Your Spot

Austin residents are able to start pre-booking their in-person screenings at the new Vilua+ CareCenter now. Once open, individuals can join Vilua independently or through an employee sponsor who will provide access to the platform.

Please visit the Vilua website to learn about the revolutionary new Vilua+ CareCenter that is transforming how individuals engage with and take ownership of their healthcare.

If you would like more information about US Vilua+ CareCenters, individuals can pre-book their screenings in Austin and companies can book a consult with the company to discuss offering Vilua+ CareCenters access as part of their employee health benefits.