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6 Mobile Health Apps That Promote Wellness & Protect Data

Mobile apps are meant to make our lives easier, and many of them do. However, making sure each app protects your data can be a headache. Luckily, there are plenty of mobile health apps on the market that ensure your privacy and empower you to elevate your wellness. 

Vilua 5 Mobile Health Apps That Promote Wellness & Protect Data

Very few people want to spend an afternoon trudging through long and technical privacy policies, and even fewer people keep up with every policy update. Instead, many of us simply check the box and hit continue, remaining in the dark about what our data is being used for.

Today, we’ve done the hard work for you and put together a list of the best privacy-focused health apps out there!


For runners, swimmers, and cyclists, Strava changes the game. Functioning as a social network for athletes, this app connects everyone from weekend warriors to full-time professionals and even allows them to compete with each other! Additionally, Strava is loaded with robust performance analysis, unique activity challenges, and Beacon — a GPS-enabled safety feature that has your back if something goes wrong.

Although Strava largely serves as a social network built on sharing data, the team behind it takes privacy very seriously. You own all data you create in the app (with the exception of routes you create and make public — those are owned by Strava), and you’re empowered to take control of it. Strava even features a blog post outlining exactly how users can manage their data privacy. 

Apple Health

Acting as a hub for your mobile health and wellness information, the Apple Health app is a great tool for anyone interested in their health and wellness. With your permission, Apple Health connects to a variety of apps and services to organize all of your health data in a way that’s simple and easy to interpret.

As one of the most secure mobile health apps around, Apple Health offers top-notch data privacy. Apple Health even makes correcting and erasing your data quick and painless, as outlined in its easy-to-read privacy portal.


Similar to Apple Health, the Fitbit app is home to all of your activity tracking data. From last night’s sleep analysis to tomorrow’s workout, Fitbit tracks and analyzes all of it. The app also includes nutrition features like hydration and nutrient tracking throughout the day to ensure you’re meeting all of your goals. 

Vilua 5 Mobile Health Apps That Promote Wellness & Protect Data

Although Fitbit does sell de-identified data — that is, data that can’t be traced back to any individual user — the app does take extensive steps to secure data and ensure privacy. With easy management and deletion of data, Fitbit puts control of your own data back in your hands. Fitbit even has a special privacy policy for kids’ accounts that explains what parents can and can’t do with their child’s data.


One of many mobile health apps aimed at improving mental health, Calm provides tools for reducing stress, increasing mental resilience, and even improving sleep! With more than 100 guided meditations and video lessons, Calm makes it easy to take control of your mental health.

Although Calm may not be bound by HIPAA, being owned and operated by a health care company — Kaiser Permanente — means they know how to handle sensitive data. Everything you do within the Calm app is safe and confidential; your data will not be sold or used without your consent. However, the app does sometimes use de-identified, aggregated data for research purposes.


When considering mobile health apps, DNA analysis may not be the first thing to pop into your mind. However, 23andMe has broken into the health and wellness industry with DNA-based health insights on everything from food sensitivities to muscle composition.

With data privacy, 23andMe doesn’t play around. Their privacy policy outlines exactly what data they collect, how they use it, and how you can control it. The best part? Their entire privacy policy is written in plain, comprehensible English — not unnecessarily complex legalese.


As one of the most comprehensive mobile health apps around, Vilua+ acts as your personal physician, motivational coach, and health champion all in one! Using our proprietary Health Index, the Vilua+ app quantitatively evaluates where you are on your health journey. It then takes that information and tells you where you could be in the future. 

To get you there, the app gives you personalized health recommendations and continually reevaluates your status, making any changes necessary along the way.

Here at Vilua, we take data privacy very seriously. For this reason, we’ve taken every step to ensure that our privacy policy adheres to the highest international standards. Additionally, we don’t own any of the data you create in the Vilua+ app — you maintain complete ownership over all of your data, all of the time. Download it today on Google Play!

Mobile Health Apps Promoting Wellness & Privacy

There are millions of apps out there claiming to improve your health and wellness, but not all of them take steps to ensure your privacy. Fortunately, that’s not the case for all mobile health apps. In fact, many go to great lengths to keep your data private and secure.

These six mobile health apps provide the best combination of data privacy and wellness promotion, but this list isn’t comprehensive. There are plenty of apps that are good for you and your data, all you have to do is take a look at the privacy policy.

What are your favorite privacy-focused mobile health apps? Leave a comment and let us know!