Our competencies

Data Competency: Data for a better life

Vilua’s long and extensive experience in data analysis plays a significant role in implementation of all our solutions. Our analyses identify risk profiles that are representative for 80 million people covered by health insurance in Germany.

The research database is an anonymized data pool. Its contents include the long-term routine data of clients insured under statutory insurance schemes as well as current data that have been collected since 2007.

The “Vilua Medical Data Safe ” is a high-security database where medical user data are stored.

Our analyses are AI-supported, project-based and representative.

Data records from the Vilua-Safe can be anonymized upon request at any time and then added to the data pool of a research database.

Digital Competency: Digital, agile and effective

Lean processes and agile teams – we unite experience in the digital arena with competency in the healthcare sector. Whether white-label or customized, we offer you single-source solutions for all your products.

extensive expertise in the healthcare sector

use of methods such as Scrum, continuous integration and design thinking with quality assurance

in-house concept, user-experience design, development and testing of software and apps

in-depth knowledge of the healthcare industry

Personal competency: Personal contact as a success factor

Our systemic health coaches and medically qualified service center agents provide competent personal support for staff, patients, physicians and pharmacists.

more than 100 professionals from the healthcare sector

telephone services – inbound and outbound medical services

health coaches for occupational health promotion projects and patient support programs

specialising in appointments management, medication coaching, technical support and pharmaceutical advice

Healthcare competency: Understanding health and how to stay healthy

Our products turn a workplace health check into a fun experience for your staff, while at the same time ensuring that the procedure takes as little time as possible. What’s more, our innovative approach will improve your image as a progressive, modern employer

Innovative health checks with a motivating effect as part of a corporate occupational health promotion (OHP) program

Option of performing occupational health examinations at a Vilua CareCenter.

System platform for acquisition of extensive health data – connection to various medical devices, apps and trackers possible

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