15.04.2020 | Lesezeit: 5 Minuten

“Digital transformation is the key.”

Interview with Dr. med. Jens Härtel on COVID-19

The corona virus is making the world stand still. Dr. med. Jens Härtel, CEO of Vilua Healthcare, sees the critical situation as an opportunity to rethink. In addition to creating incentives for exercise and more conscious behavior, he believes it also means change and progress in digital health. And a breakthrough in keeping people healthy.

Jens Haertel wants to bring digital health forward.
Jens Härtel considers COVID-19 as a huge chance to bring digital health forward.

The current situation brings challenges for every company, as well as for every individual. What does COVID-19 mean for society? In your opinion, can something be done to stem this pandemic?

“COVID-19 shows society which borders exist despite globalization. The further the pandemic progresses, the more individual the solutions of individual states, societies and health systems become. It’s obvious: A lack of harmonization and inadequate digitalization of health systems cannot provide quick answers to the current challenge!

Digitization is the key in all areas: school, work, culture and also health; the latest initiatives being the adequate exchange of information, distribution of intensive care beds and, for example, the proximity app.

We have to react now, otherwise we lose even more time: risk profile building, quick care, targeted isolation of risk groups. In addition, extensive testing and personalised information about how to keep healthy must be made available. All this has to be possible in compliance with data protection and privacy.”


What conclusions can society draw from this? How will similar circumstances be dealt with in the future?

“I hope we learn to act faster and more consistently on certain health issues, especially those around keeping normal people healthy. Health is not just an industry, it is about the life and quality of life of all of us. Digital Transformation will help us to become more efficient and thus also more cost-effective. Awareness of the importance of keeping ourselves healthyshould increase, because it depends on each individual and his or her behaviour, as today’s world shows.

We have to be prepared for similar circumstances to come. As soon as the first cases of a highly contagious disease appear without treatment options, isolation must be carried out consistently and the spread prevented more quickly.”


Vilua Healthcare has been developing digital solutions and apps in the healthcare sector for years. What does the Corona pandemic mean for Vilua and how can you actively add value in crisis management?

“The Corona pandemic shows how important it will be in the future to use a health platform that brings all data and digital applications together. And to quickly and individually pass on good recommendations and scientific knowledge based on user data .

Vilua’s strength is to interpret such data and prepare it according to individual risk profiles. To provide targeted information for the individual. We can help users to assess their symptoms correctly, to behave according to scientific recommendations, to strengthen their immune system and thus to do something for their own health in the long term. This also reduces anxiety and insecurity. We also support employers in managing the re-entry of their employees.”


What do you personally take from these challenging times? And where do you see Vilua Healthcare in the future?

“Personally, I learnt to appreciate the little things in life, such as a breakfast with the family, a discussion with my kids, or exercising. I hope that despite the crisis – or precisely because of it – I can continue to value these special moments.

As a doctor and as managing director of Vilua Healthcare, I am convinced that maintaining health and digital transformation in medicine are the key for society as a whole to keep itself healthy. A solution that not only prepares us for future crises, but also protects and maintains the health of each individual.”