15.04.2020 | Lesezeit: 3 Minuten

“The road to normality – employers and employees hand in hand”


Gradually, the companies are returning from crisis mode to economic and social normality. But what does this “new normality” look like?

How well can the protective measures be implemented?
Can the recommended distances be observed?
What concerns and fears do the employees have?
How are older people and those who are prematurely ill treated?

Employers are responsible for the safety of their employees. In terms of health, well-being and freedom.

Looking ahead: The return to normal operations

Never before have so many employees been in the home office at the same time – this applies to Germany as well as other countries. But while the operative business is still in crisis mode, what counts from a tactical and strategic point of view now is to look ahead. Only one in five employees is concerned about their own health when they return to work. 79 percent trust their employer to guarantee their health protection. The trust is there, but expectations must be met and a “new normal” must be introduced. This requires a number of protective measures that should be implemented and observed in companies.

Vilua supports companies in quickly regaining operational capability after the corona lockdown and accompanies the employees during the exit phase as well as in the subsequent period. We help employers to successfully integrate their employees into the company. All this is done without much effort: employers provide their staff with the Vilua+ App.


Simple and safe steps

Employees can carry out a health assessment, be informed about rules of conduct, receive health tips, and if desired, speak to a coach. The data is collected pseudonymously, without the possibility of drawing conclusions about personal data, and can be made available to the employer in an aggregated and anonymous form.

We will help you to get your company back on track within the framework of the current infection prevention regulations; together and healthy back to normality.